[Solved] Fix Audio Feedback during Discord Session

Audio Feedback during Discord Session:- Discord is a chat app that allows users from across the globe to communicate with each other in the form of texts or chats or even using the video chat feature. The Discord app is well known for its gathering of people of various backgrounds under one roof and thereby creating one-stop go for the majority of the gaming-related activities.

Audio Feedback during Discord Session

Discord has the feature of setting up both private and public chat rooms wherein people can join it as per their preference. Where some for privacy issues can use the private while who like to explore and meet new people go for the public chat rooms. All these rooms are connected using a common server just like major chat rooms. 

So as they say nothing is perfect even in discord there has been this issue relating to Audio. So we are here with letting you know the ways available for both computer and mobile on how to fix Audio Feedback during Discord Session.

Methods To Fix Audio Feedback during Discord Session

Method 1: Troubleshooting for Computer Mode to Fix Audio Feedback during Discord Session

  1.  If you want to connect the mic and speaker then you must set the GoToWebinar to the right mode. You must find Connect to Audio using the Internet (Mic and Speakers) to learn how to select the Computer audio.
  2. The inbuilt mic and speaker in your computer or the mobile may not pick up the audio as clear as the headset or an external mic mainly because the built-in mic and speaker are known for picking up noise and echoes. So it is always recommended to use a headset when you want clear audio.
  3. Mostly simple actions can have a major impact the same way simply by replugging the mic back to the computer can solve the issue and has solved the issue in the past as well.
  4. As we all know there are built-in speakers so there is a chance that they might be playing back the sound from the mic and this is causing the disturbance. So you can try and lower the volume in the speaker thereby though they play it back it won’t be heard by us and thereby eliminating the problem.
  5. If even after trying all of the above-said solutions or methods if you still receive the issue then at least when you are not speaking mute the microphone thereby at least you can avoid the issue when you are not speaking.

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Method 2: Troubleshooting for Phone Mode to Fix Audio Feedback during Discord Session

  1. Similar to the Computer even for the mobile you can try and use the GoToWebinar as while using your computer it might be picking up the audio from both and thereby causing a disturbance.
  2. If in case you are using the phone with speaker mode then you might want to stop that as it is very well known that using the speaker the noise can be caused in a high volume. So it is recommended to use the headphones instead.
  3. Also, there can be a possibility that the problem is not with any other thing but the mobile itself so in order to solve the same you can try and use another mobile. It is always recommended not to use the landline as it has a higher possibility of causing the noise.

So we hope this post has helped you out in getting to know the different possible ways that are available to Fix Audio Feedback during Discord Session. For more posts like this, stay tuned. Until next time, stay techy.

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