How to Connect Snapchat to Facebook [Best Method]

Connect Snapchat to Facebook

Connect Snapchat to Facebook: Snapchat gives the kids and teens exactly what they want a simple way to share everyday moments instantly. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which saves all the memories we share, Snapchat disappears all the messages we sent keeping it for a maximum of 24 hours that too on users’ wish.  Snapchat also … Read more

How To Change Hathway WIFI Password

How To Change Hathway WIFI Password

How To Change Hathway WIFI Password:-  Hathway is the cable broadband service provider operating in India. They are one of the leading organizations in this filed. They initially started as a cable television provider and then saw the growth in the broadband sector and jumped into it and are now solely into broadband service. They … Read more

How To Fix Cursor Disappears In Chrome Browser

Cursor Disappears In Chrome

Cursor Disappears In Chrome:- Generally, Google chrome is considered to be the safest and reliable browser. Also, the fact that it is a product of Google makes it that much better. But recently there has been an issue circulating around that the cursor is being disappeared when using Chrome in touchscreen mode.  This issue has been … Read more

[Solved] Fix Discord Lagging Issues on Windows 10

Discord Lagging

Discord Lagging:-  As we all know how people like to chat using texts, voice or even video and Discord offers us all these at a single platform. It hosts a lot of servers/chatrooms that have topics about all the latest or trending topics thereby increasing the excitement for people to chat for a longer period.  … Read more