How To Fix Cursor Disappears In Chrome Browser

Cursor Disappears In Chrome:- Generally, Google chrome is considered to be the safest and reliable browser. Also, the fact that it is a product of Google makes it that much better. But recently there has been an issue circulating around that the cursor is being disappeared when using Chrome in touchscreen mode. 

This issue has been coming in from a lot of people, and many of them have also believed that I have to be a problem with Windows, which has been the standard of Google Chrome.

Cursor Disappears In Chrome

But on further analysis, it has been found that it is an issue while using the  Chrome browser only and the rest of the apps were working just fine. 

As they say, every problem has a solution even here it is found that the Cursor Disappears In Chrome only when using touchscreen mode in tablet and especially if you paused and started reading an article or post, but when you scroll down it reappears.

Which means it was just inactive and not disappeared. But then this is also an issue, and it is expected that Google should come up with a Cursor Disappears In Chrome solution, Until then, here are a few temporary solutions for you guys.

Methods To Fix Cursor Disappears In Chrome

Method 1: Restart Command To Fix Cursor Disappears In Chrome

As we all know that it is a tiring process to kill something from the taskbar and so sometimes as an alternative solution to this you can try and restart chrome directly without wasting your time by killing it from the taskbar. 

All you need to do is wherever you face the issue of mouse disappearing you can use the command chrome://restart in chrome, and it will automatically restart, and it simply makes your job a lot easier.

Just a note that you might want to save any unsaved changes as performing the above command closes all the programs or activities that were running. 

Method 2: End Chrome from Task Manager and Relaunch it to Fix mouse disappears in chrome

  1. Once you start facing this issue of the mouse is disappearing, you have to launch the task manager and end task on all the chrome activities that were running in the background.
  2. This will kill any existing chrome processes, including the mouse disappearing issue as well.
  3. Before relaunching the chrome app, make sure that you have closed all the chrome related apps and then relaunch it. 

Method 3: Can try and Switch to Chrome Canary Browser 

If this issue of mouse disappearing still pertains even after several tries follow the steps.

  1. Relaunching and restarting the chrome then you might consider Chrom Canary which has reported no such issue of mouse disappearing.
  2. It has all the features just like chrome, but it is said to be highly unstable but might work out for many of you.

If you are still facing mouse cursor disappears issue then follow the next method.

Method 4: Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration

Many of you might not be aware of this feature, but Chrome comes with an inbuilt feature called hardware acceleration that helps in its smooth functioning. It mainly concentrates on the display performance of Chrome. 

So hardware acceleration also handles keyboard, trackpad, touch screen display, etc. So enabling which might resolve your issue of mouse disappearing.

Also if it is already enabled and the issue is still pertaining then can try and disable it as either way it has worked for a few people.

Steps to enable or disable Hardware acceleration Chrome > Settings > Advanced Settings > System > Use hardware acceleration when available.

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