[Solved] Fix Discord Lagging Issues on Windows 10

Discord Lagging:-  As we all know how people like to chat using texts, voice or even video and Discord offers us all these at a single platform. It hosts a lot of servers/chatrooms that have topics about all the latest or trending topics thereby increasing the excitement for people to chat for a longer period. 

The app in the recent past has gained a lot of popularity and this has been made possible just because of how far-reaching impact it has got and the features it offers.

Discord Lagging


It is made available on the desktop, mobile app and browser as well. Note that there are servers where people can chat in private and also can chat in public rooms where any number of people can join. 

So however good any app could be it will have its own backdrops and such in the case of Discord is the lagging issues the app users face especially when they open it in Windows 10.

So here a few methods that can help you solve the issue of how to Discord Lagging Issues on Windows 10.

Methods To Fix Discord Lagging Issue

Now go ahead and follow the given method to solve the issue of how to fix discord lag.

Methods 1: Change Power Settings

  1. Initially, you must search for Control Panel in the Windows Search Box
  2. Then you must make sure that Large icon is selected as View and then look for the Power Options.
  3. Now you must double click on the Power Options.
  4. Then click on the Create a Power Plan option using the left pane. 
  5. After that, you must select the High Performance.
  6. Then you must define the display turn off and computer sleep time and then click on Create.
  7. After doing so you must restart your computer so that the changes will be applied and used in Discord. By doing so the Problem must have fixed and Discord will now run without any lags or update issues.

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Methods 2: Clear Discord Cache Files

It is a known fact that the Cache and cookies slow down the computer drastically. Therefore in order to clear the Discord Cache one must follow the below-mentioned steps to solve the Discord Lagging Issue:

  1. First head to the Task Manager either manually or by using the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Once reaching the Task Manager check if there are any Discord related programs running in the background if found any kill them by pressing End task option.
  3. Then you have to press the Shortcut keys Windows + R.
  4. After that in the window that pops up of Run type %APPDATA%/DISCORD/CACHE and then hit the Enter key.
  5. Then select all the files in that folder simply by pressing Ctrl + A and then press the Delete key on the Keyboard.
  6. Upon doing so all the Cache Files will be deleted permanently.

Now just restart the Discord and by now the discord lag must have resolved.

Method 3: Close Redundant Programs

  1. First, click on Windows + X keys.
  2. Then from the menu that pops up select Task Manager.
  3. In that under the Process tab check CPU and Memory usage. This is done to identify the process of consuming most system resources.
  4. Then upon identifying that program right-click in the program and then select End Task option from the context menu.
  5. Make sure you press End Task only on those tasks that you are familiar with and knows what effect that has if you press End Task on it. 

Once you are done simply Restart Discord and then open it in order to check if it is working fine without giving you any lags. If the problem still appears then try any of the above methods. 

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