How To Use Firestick On Laptop

How To Use Firestick On Laptop:-  The Amazon Fire Stick is a useful streaming tool that comes with a lot of exciting features. The fact that it can play or stream anything on even a normal TV with an HDMI port has gained itself immense popularity and has solved a huge problem. It also comes in at a reasonable price.  

How To Use Firestick On Laptop

Due to these features, there has always been only one issue with it, it can only be used on TV which is not portable, and when people travel with their laptops, they find it difficult and there this question has arisen that whether we can us Amazon Fire Stick on Laptop.

But sadly when they look up all we see is no it is not possible. But two other ways are using which you can use the Firestick On Laptop? . But before looking at the steps let us have a look at why generally it cant be done.

Is it possible to use the Amazon FireStick On Laptop?

Generally, it has been misunderstood that the Amazon firestick uses HDMI to connect to TV and stream and also some laptops have HDMI but it won’t be supported on those and the reason being the firestick uses HDMI output,

The laptop also has HDMI but it is also an HDMI output so we need one input and one output to connect the two so that is the reason it cannot be connected to such laptops. So now let us have a look at the two options we have.

Method 1: Finding a Laptop with HDMI-in port

Yes in the past there have been laptops that used to offer both HDMI-in ports as well as HDMI-out ports. Having said this there are very rare and are also manufactured in a very less quantity.

So the fact that these kinds of laptops are released around 7 years back says that you can only buy them on the second hand which as we know may not be the preferable option to many. 

The model released though were gaming laptops but were not such a huge hit in the market and that is the reason they were manufactured in less quantity.

So it is always advisable to check every minute detail before going for it. The model name for you interested people in Alienware’s m17*R4.

Method 2: Elgato HD60s + ViewHD HDMI Splitter

how to connect amazon fire stick to computer

The Elgato HD60s is a little box that helps you like a little mediator between the firestick and the Laptop. Wherein it takes in input from the firestick and then remits it to the Laptop.

But if you are planning to buy this you must have a high-end system like a MacBook running Sierra or a Windows 10 64-bit PC. 

Also, note that you might need an i5-4xxx quad-core processor or better and also a fairly decent graphics card. So this solves your basic problem and also being a portable device itself it severs the purpose just right and trusts me it is a good buy.

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