[Guide] How to Get Madden for Nintendo Switch

Madden for Nintendo Switch:- To Get Madden for Nintendo Switch is a game where one can become the face of the Franchise and can also control the NFL superstar journey from the beginning i.e., College Football Playoff where he competes against or plays with friends to Super Bowl Champions. So the user can be in the thick and thin of things and thereby have a realistic experience. 

Madden for Nintendo Switch

Madden for Nintendo Switch Going to Get Available?

So as per the recent reports, the FIFA 19 will be available on Switch as well as support FIFA 18 has received with its Free World Cup update. That being the reason many fans are eagerly waiting for the Madden for Nintendo Switch version. But we are here with sad news as it is confirmed that Madden will not be launching on Nintendo’s console.

Again having said that it is obvious that EA would be the first one to launch the game before anyone else because of the history and the appeal it carries everywhere mainly for soccer-related matters. While FIFA 18 did come to switch it was not one of the best looking one’s going around. 

So due to which EA does not consider the switch to be reliable and worth investing time and money on for any of its franchises. So as always it all comes down to what is best for the game and that is what will be done, which has always been and will always be their main motive moving forward.

This motive which they cannot even compromise as well because of the love and respect that the game has been getting and in process of expanding if the quality is compromised then it is not worth trying as well.

But to talk some positive news Haumilier said EA Sports has always evaluated bringing Madden to New platforms which also includes platforms like a switch, And he said that if the Switch install base grows bug enough then EA might seriously consider bringing the game to that platform.

The Newest Madden is Skipping Switch Again

With the success of Switch reaching newer heights every day, many third parties have already announced that there are plans for future support of the system. So many predict that 2020 is when we will see major games being released on this platform which also includes EA Sports which might use the engine to release these games as well.

We recommend you to stay tuned with us by bookmarking this page as we will be covering how you can install Madden on Nintendo Switch as soon as it is launched.

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