How to Apply Text Formatting in Discord[Best Way]

Apply Text Formatting in Discord: Discord is a chat app that allows its users to chat in real-time using either text or voice or video. This app has grown in immense popularity in the recent past. It is a host for several servers/chatrooms that have topics on almost all the major ones like sports, memes, music, and many more. Though it is to be known that the memes are the most popular one of all for obvious reasons. 

 Text Formatting in Discord

The best part of Discord is that you can access it from anywhere and at any time. You can access it from your desktop, mobile app, and browser as well.

The users can either join the group that they were invited to or can create a group and send invitations to people to join using the server or chatroom. Also, it is to be noted that there are public servers as well where anyone can join. 

Despite being one of the largest platforms with millions of users, a lot of people still do not know How to Apply Text Formatting in Discord. In this post, let us discuss How to Apply Text Formatting in Discord. With that being said, let us quickly get started with the process, shall we?

How to Apply Text Formatting in Discord

Basic Discord Text Formatting 

Just simply by using Markdown syntax, you can apply easily various formatting tools like bold, italics, underlines, or strikethrough to Discord messages. One can also use this syntax to combine these formatting tools to send messages using Discord. 

You can also use these formatting options on Discord web, Windows 10, Max apps and also mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

How to Italicize in Discord

In case you want to add italics in Discord then you can insert an asterisk (*) at the start and end of the message. Now, this formatting won’t is shown until you send the message.

how to italicize in discord

How to Make Text Bold in Discord

Now the same process in case you have to apply bold text formatting you have to insert two asterisks (**) to the start and end before sending it.discord bold

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How to Underline Text in Discord

This is a simple process if you want to underline a text in Discord then you will have to add two underscores(__) at the start and end of the Discord Message.

how to underline in discord

How to Strikethrough Text in Discord

If you want to write something and want the other one to know that you have struck off then you can use this strikethrough Text. Where to use this feature you have to use two tides (~~) at both ends of your message.

discord strikethrough

Combining Text Formatting Options 

Note that you can only combine bold, italics, and underline text formatting and not Strikethrough with these. So now if you want to use bold and italic then you have to use three asterisks like (***).  Now to use bold, italics, and underline then you have to use Discord formatting for all three options in your message like (_***).

discord special text


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